Quality is a mandatory part of the production process. Although everything looks clear and understandable, to achieve all the goals related to quality is not easy at all. The paper describes the principle of IT support needed for three levels of quality processes in manufacturing companies: primary production level, corporate level and an additional, specific level for a specific country in which production takes place.

Primary production level consists of the processes with the greatest degree of connection between the concept of quality and the production itself: the quality of raw materials, the quality of the transformation process and the quality of the finished product. Of course, these three processes must be fully connected in order to ensure traceability. Traceability is no longer unique to pharmaceutical and food companies, but in recent years the term became mandatory in all kinds of production. Corporate level are processes that represent the needs of large international corporations for two additional elements of quality: uniformity and availability of information. The third level comprises the specific requirements arising from the business culture of implicitly defined in some countries.