The process of increasing one's creativity primarily means making several important decisions, adhering to them consistently and having confidence into the final result.

The first step in the process is making the decision about the area of life in which one wants to increase creativity. Communication with the spiritual guide can help a lot when making this decision. This is followed by conceiving and defining the affirmation for the realization of the desired goal, affirmation that you will work on with Reiki. It is necessary to pay attention to the careful conception of the affirmation, and even more so to its exact definition!

Think about everything that you could change in your approach to your environment. Einstein said that it was unreasonable to repeat the same actions and to expect a different result. Therefore, it is certain that you will need to change something. You should at first see what it is that you could change, and then make a decision about what part of this you are really going to change. Once you make the decision, you should consistently adhere to it. Do not fool yourself – whichever decision about the change you make, it will be difficult to accomplish (we are always surprised by the size and the intensity of our resistance to changes).

Then you should think about the consequences. One of the basic laws of physics is that every action causes a reaction. In much the same way, the change in your approach will cause the reaction of other people, but this should not worry you. More important are the consequences of your increased creativity for yourself. Think about these consequences. What could happen to you and are you able to deal with it? You might get more responsibilities, or a task to do something on your own, and you also could become a team leader on a big project …

The essence of everything is that you work on your change (an increase in creativity is a very big change). People are afraid of changes, because they do not know what awaits them. Are you afraid of a certain change? If you are, then go straight ahead. It is the fear of a change that indicates that this is precisely the direction that you should take.

If you are not afraid, this might mean that you did not analyze the possible consequences deeply enough. And it could also mean that this change is only a secondary, auxiliary step towards the next one. Therefore, whether you are afraid or not, you are on the right way. The difference is in the steepness of the slope.

The next step is conceiving the action plan. It is necessary to define all the details in such a way that steps can follow one another. Together with the action plan, it is also necessary to define the parameters for the monitoring of the results. Obviously, there should be no rush and no chaos. Everything needs to be carefully planned and you should be consistent.

The final part is action itself. The steps are defined, and now the highlight is on your discipline and endurance. Without these two, there is no creativity. The third factor is the confidence in the final outcome.

The more you enjoy the process of realizing the set action plan, the easier it will be for you. At a certain point, you will notice that you enjoy your pains. These moments are crucial. It is after them that the desired changes come, as well as the increase in creativity.


  1. Choosing the area
  2. Conceiving the affirmation
  3. Changing the approach to the environment
  4. Considering the consequences
  5. Overcoming the fear of possible consequences
  6. Setting an action plan and the parameters for results monitoring
  7. Action